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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a UK Break Over a Destination Holiday

International holidays have become accustomed features of the nations calendars. With the whole world at our fingertips and travel as easy as ever before, we take for granted the beauty that is right on our doorstep. Is now the time to stop neglecting the spectacular sites of the UK? Trips such as hot tub lodge holidays are now surging in popularity - here are 5 reasons why:

Easy to arrange

UK breaks are adored simply because of how easy they are! International travel entails seemingly endless amounts of stress - ensuring everybody has their passports, currency, and correct documentation can be a nightmare! Often it takes you 8 hours to get from the front door of your home to the hotel room; you could have driven to anywhere in the UK in that time and had a chance to treat yourself to a cup of tea…

Less travel time

If you’re not prepared to tackle the race to the airport with struggling travellers, a UK break may be best for you. The requirement of less travel time often appeals to those with children or those that are frightened by flights! Additionally, there is the added assurance that you’re never too far from home.

No luggage limitations!

There will be no scales or unpleasant surprises of extra storage costs to pay. Holidaying in the UK means you can take as little or as much luggage as you like!

Get to know your country

Experiencing a Great British holiday is a sure way to immerse yourself into the culture. This country is home to incredible outdoor locations and ultimately dozens of desirable walking routes! Seemingly quaint villages are most likely to be filled with important history and bewildering monuments. And where better to rest after a long day than a lovely local pub.

Make It A Road Trip

Between the simplicity of booking and how you’re never too far from home, an excellent holiday in the UK may seem too good to be true; however, upon including a stay at one of our holiday lodges in York, extending your holiday into a road trip could make it the trip of a lifetime! This beautiful country is home to incredible historical locations and picturesque landscapes. From scaling the highs of the three peaks to luxurious walks through The Lake District, be assured this is not a holiday to miss.

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