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How to relax with a hot tub break in York

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Whether you want a romantic getaway with your partner or just looking to relax with a hot tub break in the city of York, there are plenty of short break options for you! When it comes to this trip, you want to make sure it’s going to be effective. Meaning that it’s the right location, you and your partner will enjoy it, plus you both are going to feel completely relaxed. Planning a romantic getaway can be surprisingly stressful, especially if you’ve never designed one out before. Spending a few nights away with your loved one doesn’t have to be stressful, especially if you stay informed and prepared. These tips are going to help you out in planning the most romantic and relaxing holiday getaway.

Pick something you both will enjoy

When booking accommodation, you’ll want to consider the budget you both have, what activities are available, how long it takes to get there, the living area and equipped kitchen situation, and any additional offered amenities. Looking into these sorts of things in advance will not only show your partner how much you care about this trip but also shows them that their opinions and their decisions matter as well. This is going to help a lot in making the trip go wonderfully.

Look into the amenities.

Whether you want to escape to the big city or you’re looking to step into the wilderness of the Yorkshire Wolds, it’s best to look at the amenities that potential accommodations have to offer. At Still Rabbit, you can expect to unwind and relax with your loved one at one of the luxury lodges with hot tubs. You’ll be able to get direct access from the lodge right into the private hot tub, all in complete privacy. What’s more romantic than that?

Look into romantic activities.

When planning this little holiday with your partner, you need to think about what activities you both have options for. If you both love nature, then why not go and hike? If you both love wine, why not look into local wine tastings? Enjoy golf? Check out the local golf course. You’ll want to make sure that the activities involved are something that you both will enjoy. Agreeing on something together assures that you both will have a wonderful time.

Enjoy yourself.

Television and movies paint this expectation that everything needs to be expensive and perfect for the trip to go well, but that’s further from the truth. Many romantic holidays don’t always go according to plan. Enjoying time with your special someone will go down a treat, no matter the intricacies and surprises that may occur during your break, to a log cabin with a hot tub.

The Still Rabbit team are on hand to make your stay the most perfect it can be. Should minor inconveniences occur on your activity excursions, embrace them - they’re part of the romance of your trip! If you liked this blog then you should read How to plan a romantic weekend break (with a hot tub!)next. Contact the team today if you wish to inquire further regarding a stay at one of our lodges!

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