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Still Rabbit Lodges: Camping VS Glamping

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

The annual family camping trip has been a pinnacle of the summer holidays ever since forestry was pieced together, and covered with materials, to create the site of many nights amongst the riches of living ruggedly. As the warmer seasons advance upon us, many are seeking a location ideal for adventure, and the opportunity to descend back into touch with nature. Amongst the admirers of the great outdoors, one important question beckons… This year, are you camping, or glamping?

Camping Holidays

The attractions of traditional style camping holidays include fireside conversations, the crispness of country air and re-immersing yourself in nature. There is a rewarding sense of freedom found when you finally disconnect from the overwhelming demands of everyday life, and you are back to basics; relying solely on the fire in front of you for both food and heat.

When paying a second thought, many may find themselves looking back fondly on their rose-tinted memories… Nothing quite prepares you for a tent engulfed in both rain and muddy water; and falling short with saturated clothes and days to go is a sure way to ruin the holiday. Between falling asleep freezing and waking up sweating, there are many reasons to reconsider this year's rural rendezvous. Dare I remind you of the dreaded communal showers? If there are showers at all… So why not try ‘glamorous camping’ this year?

Afterall, there is still nothing quite like finding yourself surrounded by stretches of tall trees, flourishing fields, and running rivers. All that you treasure about camping life, can be embraced in style when choosing to embark on a glamping getaway.


Despite your excitement to arrive at your camping holiday of choice, one element of such an adventure becomes more and more apparent with every mile closer you come… As soon as you arrive, you will have to struggle assembling the dreaded tent! Glamping has become increasingly prolific amongst keen campers; and for good reason! Some may be hesitant to award themselves with such ‘luxuries’, but there is no shame in glamping.

When camping in such a style, you remain immersed in nature. The rustic and remote feeling traditional camping awards to you remains, just there is no compromise on comfort. Frequently, glamping accommodation supplies the necessary facilities for more individuals to feel comfortable. For many families, a glamping stay enables them to be more inclusive; those who are elderly or have lessened mobility are able to embrace that which they would have had to miss out on if you were merely pitching a tent on the cold and damp grass. Additional benefits include less time struggling with the stove, ultimately meaning more meals and no more charred sausages!

Glamping at Still Rabbit

A stay at the Still Rabbit takes the delicacy of glamping that one step further; our lodges are fully furnished and come with their own private hot tubs. Our site is situated at the foot of the breathtaking Yorkshire Wolds, surrounded by an abundance of attractive market towns, between beautiful Beverley and the historic city of York. Our home-away-from-home lodges sleep between 2-4 individuals and are a sanctuary. There is something for everybody at a lakeside lodge stay with us.

The Still Rabbit campsite makes for an extra special glamping site destination. Whether it be a romantic getaway or a simplistic escape from everyday life, you can be sure that all of the beloved aspects of traditional camping will be fulfilled during your stay with us. Situated in the Yorkshire countryside and just a short drive from the City of York and the national park, we are amongst an abundance of activities fit for all; isn’t it time you paid a visit?

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