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Still Rabbit’s guide to the best romantic log cabin break

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Each relationship requires time dedicated to the enjoyment of each other. What better a way to reconnect and rekindle your flame than with a romantic break? Although not all of us are modern day Romeos, it remains exceedingly important to prioritize making your partner feel loved! Therefore the Still Rabbit team is on hand to guide you through enjoying the best romantic log cabin break:

The benefits of a log cabin break

Affordability and Accessibility

Amongst the most significant benefits of a log cabin break is that they are more readily available to all individuals, as opposed to a holiday abroad. A countryside holiday is typically less expensive and more appealing to individuals with busy schedules, as they are more encouraging of spontaneity - an incredibly romantic attribute!


There is no better way to relax with your special someone than to immerse yourself in nature with a log cabin break. Sites of such romantic getaways, although remote and abundant in greenery, are often not far from villages or cities with a range of activities for you both to enjoy.

A Rural Retreat

The romances of a log cabin includes cuddling amongst the fire, enjoying hearty food and for Still Rabbit visitors, basking in the bubbles of their own private hot tub - each of which are intimacies that are rarely available to embrace on other holiday types.

How to make your stay a special occasion

Food & Drinks - Heading out for food and drink is a universally loved activity. Enjoy experiencing the diverse variety of never before tried bars and restaurants!

Cultural Activities - Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and history surrounding your holiday location, to add a new and exciting aspect to your holiday itinerary.

Romantic Walks - The Great British countryside is abundant in incredible natural walks and national parks. Explore new routes and trails, discuss what you see and get to know your partner like never before!

The Still Rabbit site is located in East Yorkshire, near a range of activities for all to enjoy, regardless of your preferred pastimes as a couple. From spa breaks, to luxury shopping and vast historical sites, there is something for everyone in the outskirts of the City of York.

Tips for a romantic retreat

Chocolates and Champagne - The most desirable of delicacies!

Rose Petals - Excite and entice your loved one from your very first entrance, with luxurious silk rose petals beautifully scattered across the cabin.

Hot Tub - An activity abundant in warm water, steam and bubbles adds another enjoyable dimension to your passionate weekend away.

The Still Rabbit site of lodges with hot tubs are often the site of couples romantic retreats, therefore we have all of the above readily available to ‘add on’ to your booking! - leave the stress of the intricacies to us, so you can have more time to reconnect with your special someone.

Romantic log cabin breaks are a Still Rabbit forte. From our beautifully decorated lodges to our private hot tubs overlooking the breathtaking beauty of our site, we have all you need to sweep your partner off of their feet. Should you wish to enquire further regarding booking a stay at our site, or to find the most suitable cabin for your party, simply enquire with the Still Rabbit team today! If you liked this blog, then you should read The guide to luxury self catering next.

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