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Weekend Holiday: 7 Fun Days Out in Yorkshire for Couples

Get ready to elevate your weekends to a whole new level of excitement! If you're tired of the same old routine and want to add a touch of magic to your quality time together, we've got you covered with some truly fantastic suggestions. Situated just a stone's throw away from Still Rabbit, here are our top 7 picks for unforgettable experiences:

1. York’s Chocolate Story

Indulge in a romantic chocolate treat at York's Chocolate Story. Immerse yourselves in the world of chocolate, create delicious treats, and take home sweet memories. Located 33 minutes from Still Rabbit, book in advance to save 10% on tours. Expert chocolatiers will guide you in crafting mouthwatering delights.

2. The Cloisters Spa

Nestled within six acres of stunning formal gardens and a mere 15 minutes away from the historic city of York, The Cloisters Spa offers a haven of serenity. Share moments of pure bliss and connection as you indulge in exclusive couples' treatments. Experience the Total Stone Therapy, a divine combination of massage, hot stones, and aromatic oils.

3. Ilkley Pool and Lido

Ilkley Pool and Lido is an ideal destination for couples seeking a delightful day out. Bask in the sunshine and take refreshing dips in the pool this summer. The lido's serene atmosphere, coupled with its range of facilities, including a tennis court and picnic area, creates the perfect backdrop for quality time together.

4. Grand Opera House

Seeking a memorable night of live entertainment during your weekend holiday? Grand Opera House York is the perfect choice for you. As the premier venue for live performances in the region, it offers an array of captivating shows to suit every taste. From spectacular West End musicals to side-splitting stand-up comedy, Grand Opera House York has something for everyone.

5. The Deep Aquarium

Enjoy the captivating underwater world at The Deep. This expansive aquarium is a true marvel, housing over 3,500 diverse marine creatures. Gaze into crystal clear fish tanks, playfully interact with the Gentoo penguins in the enchanting Kingdom of Ice, and marvel at the graceful stingrays gliding above you in the underwater viewing tunnel. The vibrant colours and mesmerising sights create an atmosphere of wonder and awe.

6. Kanyu Escape Room

What about a double date? Get your friends involved for a cracking day out at Kanyu Escape Room.

It's the ultimate team-building experience for couples. Work together to solve clues, conquer challenges, and escape from three thrilling themed rooms. With movie-quality sets, exhilarating riddles, and a ticking clock, the adrenaline will be pumping. Plus, it's a chance to see how well your beloved handles a real-life zombie situation. Discover if you're a puzzle-solving dream team while having a blast.

7. Pixel Bar Leeds

Pixel Bar Leads is the ultimate destination for couples seeking a unique and fun night out. This video-game-themed bar offers a range of delicious cocktails inspired by beloved games. You can book console booths equipped with gaming consoles and enjoy multiplayer games for an affordable price. With its lively atmosphere and nostalgic gaming vibes, Pixel Bar Leads guarantees an entertaining experience where you can bond over your shared love of gaming.


A weekend holiday in Yorkshire offers endless opportunities for couples to create unforgettable memories. Stay at Still Rabbit and let Yorkshire be the backdrop for your next memorable adventure together.

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