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Why Choose A Luxury Holiday In England?

More and more people in England are choosing to enjoy a staycation year after year. And while in the past that might have meant staying in a tent in a field, this is far from the case these days – unless that’s what you want to do, that is (the beauty of a staycation is that you can choose exactly how you want to spend your time off) – because there are plenty of luxury holidays to indulge in, including, of course, hot tub holidays Yorkshire. So just why is it such a good idea to choose a luxury holiday in England? Read on to find out.


If you want luxury, your budget might have a hard time covering it, and that’s a shame because we all need a little luxury now and then. However, when you consider staying in England, luxury suddenly becomes a lot more affordable. Think of the cost of hot tub holidays Yorkshire compared to how much it would cost to travel abroad for a similar luxury experience; the prices just don’t match up – it’s much less expensive to stay in England and visit a luxury holiday location here.

This is because there are no additional costs to think of. Unlike travelling abroad, there are no transport costs to pay out for (apart from some fuel, of course), no visas needed, no need to change money into a different currency and lose out because of it. So just because luxury abroad is out of your budget, when you consider the savings you can make by staying in England, those savings could make a luxury holiday a very real possibility.

The Perfect Location

England is a very diverse country. We’ve got lakes and rivers, mountains, large open spaces, towns and cities, woodland, historic sights – we’ve even got the seaside. In fact, there is nothing we don’t have in this country, and that means you can choose your perfect location for a luxury holiday.

No matter what your version of luxury might be, there will be a holiday that’s just right for you, and just because you’re staying in your own country, that doesn’t mean you won’t discover new things or be awed by what you see – with so many distinct features, England is always somewhere you’ll want to explore.

The British Weather

Yes, the British weather is a bit of a joke, but those jokes make it out to be much worse than it really is, and if you time things right, the temperature in the summer – even the spring – can get hotter than many places in Europe, including Spain.

If you intend to take your holiday in the winter or autumn, don’t worry; the weather shouldn’t be a problem then either because, when you search for your luxury break away, you can just make sure that you pick something where you can stay indoors.


England may be small (relatively speaking), but it is most definitely perfectly formed, and because of its size, you can access a lot more of it than many other countries. From one luxury base, you can then venture out and discover so much more, seeing new places and enjoying the chance to be a tourist in your own country, which is a luxury in itself.

Even if you don’t drive, you can use the extensive train or bus network to explore to your heart’s content, so there is no need to look further afield; everything you need is right here, on your doorstep.

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