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Starry Nights and Yorkshire Countryside Delights at Still Rabbit

Caught between the twilight whispers of the Yorkshire countryside and the velvet black of infinite cosmos, Still Rabbit lodges offer an escape that resonates with the celestial wonders overhead. Stargazing in Yorkshire isn't just an activity; it’s an experience engraved in the hearts of those who've lain under the shimmering cloak of stars here. For nature lovers, luxury travellers, and most certainly stargazers, this is your skyward adventure narrated.

An Unrivalled Stargazing Adventure Awaits in the Yorkshire Countryside.

Nestled in the serene Yorkshire countryside, away from the city's blaring lights, Still Rabbit creates the perfect stage for the dance of the night sky. When the sun sets, a different kind of landscape awakens, drawing gazers and dreamers alike. The indigo backdrop sprawled with cosmic confetti invites you to a silent symphony. Each twinkling point is a story, a guide, and a whisper of the universe's vastness.

The Enchantment Beyond the Lights

Yorkshire's skies are a canvas of natural wonder that turns into an astrological storyboard at night. High above Still Rabbit, the Milky Way pours its milky glow, guiding eyes and thoughts to simpler, profound ponderings. Constellations come alive, each bearing their mythos and majesty, providing more than just a spectacle but a conversation with the cosmos.

An Ideal Setting That Is Uniquely Still Rabbit

With an offering of 7 superior lodges, each featuring a private outdoor hot tub and super king size beds, the epitome of relaxation is a promise kept at Still Rabbit. The lodges themselves are beacons of comfort, assuring that whether you are gazing upon distant galaxies or soaking in earthly luxuries, your delight is paramount.

Discover Serenity of the Yorkshire Countryside and Stars

Indulge in a nocturnal vigil where luxury collides with the cosmos, and your stargazing adventures unroll like an astral carpet. Find your favourite spot, perhaps on the deck of the hot tub or the comforting expanse near the lodge, and bask in the tranquillity that only a countryside setting can provide.

A Stargazing Yorkshire Experience Like No Other

Amidst the velvet skies, Still Rabbit nights become a sanctuary for seekers of peaceful delights. With easy access from the lodge to sprawled-out spots unmarred by light pollution, every stargazer – from novice telescope wielder to the seasoned sky scanner – is welcomed into the fold.

Reside by Day, Revel by Night

The adventure doesn't end when the sun heralds a new day. Situated less than 20 miles from the storied city of York, Still Rabbit offers a taste of both historic charms and pastoral serenity.

Plan Your Next Adventure and experience York’s ancient history, romantic ambience, and enjoyable activities perfect for couples and families alike. Carve memories by day in York’s bustling atmosphere and by night under Yorkshire’s watching stars.

From Daylight to Starlight Where Your Journey Begins

The invitation is open. Make your stay at Still Rabbit a highlight on your celestial treasure map. With the allure of luxe accommodations, whispering trees, and a sky that sings tales of old, find yourself among the stars. Here, in the quietude of the Yorkshire countryside, surrender to the night and all of its countryside delights.

Book your lodge and prepare to be enchanted. The universe waits for no one, but it always waits for you at Still Rabbit.

Discover the tranquillity and beauty of the stars at Still Rabbit. Book your stellar getaway today!

Yorkshire Countryside view from Still Rabbit Lodges

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